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Simorg İK Politikalarımız

Our primary goal is the contribution we provide to the development of our employees in our company, which is based on the principles of innovation and technology with the understanding of quality service we have determined in the transportation sector. We aim to convey the values we have to our employees, depending on the quality procedure we have adopted, and we accept HAY wage management as a basis.


In our understanding of income, in which the competition in the sector is organized according to our payment system in the light of the market researches we have carried out, it is essential that all opportunities are offered to our personnel. In this direction, many opportunities such as service, meals and private health insurance are provided to our employees at the end of the trial period. As a requirement of our company's understanding, we consider it a priority to reward our friends who are satisfied with their performance processes, who can adapt themselves to innovations, who carry our company to the desired place in the trade market, and who are based on their individual development.


The values created for Simorg Trans are reflected in our revenue model as a response to the current business plan. In this direction, the personal developments and performances of all our departments within the company are closely followed, and great importance is attached to the application of technical knowledge. We accept it as a principle to work with determined, hardworking and reliable follow-up friends who will always adopt the job description, in accordance with our management approach that will follow the developments in technology and bring our company to the direction we aim for.


It is within the scope of our HR policy to bring all our employees who want to climb the career ladder with us, to the point they aim, based on both the satisfaction of our customers and the values that Simorg Trans has defended. We adopt the basis of long-term working process with candidates who are suitable for the vision and mission principles of our institution during the test processes we carry out and the post-interview evaluation phase.

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