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Customs Clearance Management Service


As Simorg Trans, we produce professional solutions in a short time for all the needs of our customers in the field of customs clearance and management. With our expert team in terms of the quality and continuity of the services we provide, we follow closely the entire consultancy process with our professional team in order to respond to the needs of our customers in the field of logistics and to have faster trade traffic. In addition to the customs procedures that must be followed closely in the logistics process, we act as required by the legislation in order to obtain preliminary permits along with the GTIP determination. In this way, we provide our customers with an accurate and time-saving service.


During the necessary investigations within the public institutions and organizations, we manage all the transactions that need to be meticulously followed and resolved on behalf of our customers, and we continue this management professionally so that they can be concluded without any problems. We offer both fast and high quality solutions with our order, stock tracking and reporting services that save our customers time in customs processes. We act as consultants to our customers by acting with a transparent and high-quality service approach, and by adopting the steps to be followed as our own business. We offer completely solution-oriented opportunities to our customers with our VAT and Import Tax Management services.


As Smorg Trans, which is in the Commercial Transportation sector, it has come to these days by taking firm steps with each passing day with the services and performance quality we offer. The reason why we stand out among many companies in the field of Commercial Transportation and take place in the top steps; This is due to the fact that we are a company that always continues to grow by following the innovations and technological developments in the transportation sector. This situation gives us the justified pride of having come this far with our long years of experience.


Our in-house observation and loading team offers many of our customers the first link, which is the basis of the borderless security chain, throughout the year. The shots taken during the upload allow us to re-check the processes of the upload after the processes. In this way, we not only accelerate trade with the customs clearance management we offer, but also gain the trust of our customers. At the same time, thanks to our dominance in our business and our professionalism, we are one step closer to our future goals and successful businesses that we will sign together with our customers.

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