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Simorg Trans Uluslararası Denizyolu Taşımacılığı

International Sea Freight Service

The maritime transport service plays an important role in global trade, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for transporting goods. It is particularly suited to the logistics market, where speed and safety are of the utmost importance. Maritime transport is a preferred choice for many countries due to its affordability and reliability over long distances.

The maritime transport industry is divided into two main categories: tramp and liner. Tramp transport involves the movement of cargo without a specific destination, while liner transport involves the movement of cargo in a scheduled manner. Both types of transport are completed using high-capacity containers. The primary reason for the use of containers is that they offer a cost-effective solution for transporting a large number of products in a protected manner.

Another important aspect of maritime trade is the ease with which products can be transported to vehicles such as trains, ships and aircraft in a short time. This transport concept, which reduces the cost of manpower for transport, is widely used today. The cranes used during the transfer enable the transportation of 30-40 containers in one hour.

Tramp transport services are based on the transfer of cargo between two ports. Coal, crude oil and underground mines constitute the basis of this service, which is not based on a predetermined time or date. In tramp transport, which usually involves a single transport operation, the primary objective of the seafarers is to direct the cargo to areas where it is of the greatest value.

Liner transport is based on a specific date and time. In this transport service, Ro-Ro transports and containers are used to carry the cargo in accordance with the planning of the ships to be transferred and the service is based. The primary purpose is to ensure that the product is delivered to the desired location at the specified time and date.

Today, storage service in maritime transport is carried out on the basis of intense security conditions, which are accepted as one of the most important transport sources of the logistics world and form the basis of trade. With 24-hour monitored warehouses and security cameras, personnel trained in this field are responsible for the protection of the products and carry out registration and control procedures.

In order to provide customers with a service directly in accordance with the current procedure, transport is carried out in warehouses containing temperature-sensitive thermal equipment systems. Maritime transport, which has been accepted as a fast and reliable transport concept in the main trade points in the world, is also widely used in our country.

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