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Gelecekte Simorg

Carrying its goals to the future with the slogan of "We Achieve the Impossible", Simorg Trans produces solutions that meet your expectations with international home transportation, domestic and international logistics services we offer. Thanks to the trainings we carry out on a regular basis inside and outside the company, we only focus on the solution and aim to prevent time loss by understanding the customers correctly.


Technological Solutions in Company Compliance Studies


Within the scope of the e-learning trainings we have developed in order to benefit from the developing technologies at the maximum level, we complete the adaptation studies to the company without wasting time. Our corporate understanding of work, which has been determined from the beginning, helps in eliminating the problems related to the personnel experienced during the learning of the processes.


The trainings we carry out in order to ensure the development of our company and achieve its goals; In addition to supporting knowledge and skills, it also plays a pioneering role in the emergence of personal talents. Thanks to our management approach, which takes all kinds of measures from today to keep up with the future, we produce solutions that meet changing customer expectations.


You Ask, We Solve


Thanks to our industry experience, which sees the importance of logistics in the future, our services that we maintain consistently and safely are continued uninterruptedly. Our services, which focus only on customer demands at every stage, from shipment to fast operation, from safe storage to strategic solution proposals, are continued by listening to the needs and focusing on profit.


Our company, which prepares its employees and team specifically for the new generation needs in order to provide the best service, produces solutions with the measures it takes to all kinds of possible negativities. You can visit us for detailed information about our work, which should be seen as an affiliate that enables the business life to be shaped positively, rather than an intermediary firm.

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