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Simorg Trans Uluslararası Proje Taşımacılığı

International Project Transportation Service

Project transport is the movement of non-standard large loads in terms of weight and volume from one location to another. Reliability and damage-free delivery are of paramount importance in project transport. Delays or damage to machinery and equipment used in project delivery can result in significant losses. Our company is renowned for its superior logistics experience, with a fleet of vehicles that meet every need and expert staff. We are a competent company that offers professional solutions in line with the needs of our clients.


Project Transportation Requires Expertise


Our company is a leading provider of project transport services, with a strong track record of safely and efficiently transporting a wide range of project products from factories, pipelines and power plants to tanks and pressure vehicles, transformers, tanks and pressure vehicles, steam and gas turbines, condensers, chimneys, dryers and iron and steel furnaces. We operate a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles and employ a team of highly skilled professionals, ensuring the highest standards of service and safety. Our company is the preferred choice of clients seeking reliable and high-quality project transport services. Our team is well-versed in the procedures of the countries we serve, the roads we operate on, and the geography of the countries we serve. We are committed to customer satisfaction with our domestic and international services in land, sea, and air transport.


Project Transportation is a Comprehensive Business


Project Transport is a comprehensive service that includes obtaining road permits, supply of technical equipment, foreign trade and legislation knowledge, insurance and permit documents, and many other issues. Our company provides a reliable, high-quality, and affordable project transport service, with a team that has a good command of its business at all stages, from process management to documentation and vehicle allocation. As a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction, it is pleased to report an increase in customer references on a daily basis. It is also delighted to be able to offer flexible payment terms to its customers. As a company that is aware of its responsibilities, our company, which always offers special transport services to each customer, has a large family of more than 500 customers. As a company that provides services to more than 10 countries, we are proud to be among the first choices of our customers, thanks to our focus on customer satisfaction.

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