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Simorg Trans International Road Transport

Road Freight

Road transport, which is carried out in line with customer demands and plays a significant role in international transport services, is implemented flawlessly using today's technologies and methods.

Simorg Trans International Sea Transportation

Sea Freight

The transport service, which plays a pivotal role in global trade, can be executed through various channels, offering cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Simorg Trans International Air Transportation

Air Freight

The importance of air transport is increasing daily, with the transportation of valuable products being a particular area of focus. The speed and reliability of air transport make it an ideal choice for this type of cargo.

Simorg Trans Project Transportation

Project Transportation

Project transport is the movement of non-standard large loads in terms of weight and volume from one location to another. Reliability and damage-free transportation are crucial aspects of project transport.

Simorg Trans Fair and Event Logistics

Fair and Event Logistics

The international fair transport service, which is one of the most important and demanding transport services, significantly reduces the burden of the companies that will participate in the fair.

Simorg Trans International Household Goods Transportation

International Home Goods Transportation

All necessary processes are carried out step by step and carefully in international household goods transportation services, which are carried out to use vehicles with suitable features.

Simorg Trans Storage and Distribution

Storage and Distribution

Storage and distribution services, which are needed by almost every company from manufacturing to marketing, can be considered as the most important and indispensable detail on the way to the determined target.

Simorg Trans Clearance Management

Customs Clearance Management

As Smorg Trans, we produce professional solutions in a short time for all the needs of our customers in the field of customs clearance and management.

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